The Art Gallery of KnidVermicious

    KnidVermicious, of ENWorld fame, has graciously allowed me to use his art for Urbis, and even modified some of it to my suggestions! This demands a hearthy applause, and the display of some more of his wonderful art. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next...

    All images were first created as a CAD model, and then rendered.

The Tower

    Here are several views and variations on a tower. The final version was used in the Nexus Towers section of Urbis.

The Ziggurat

    This was used in the Snake Kingdoms section of Urbis.

The Gate of Strength

    Several views of a large city gate. The first image was used in the Lake of Dreams section of Urbis.

The Gate of Song

    Another variant on the city gate theme.

The Gate of Scorn

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