Ken Coble, aka “Old Man Coble” or “the Judge”

300 points (Note: starred* items are results of failed aging rolls.  If these points aren’t supposed to be taken, point value is 335)

Age: 125; physiologically 110, looks about 80.  5’10”, 170 lbs; a baseline human male, with skin deeply tanned and wrinkled from years spent outdoors.  Thinning white hair, brown eyes.  Lower right leg heavily scarred, slightly bowed.  Tattoos:  “Molon Labe” on inside right forearm, dotted “Cut Here” line below right knee, "Spacing Guild" logo (from David Lynch's Dune movie) on outer left forearm.  Ususally wears blue jeans and t-shirts around farm, or dark suits at more formal events - but can be encountered in homemade buckskins during the fall, or 19th century garb when Old West re-enacting.


Attributes <5>: ST 8 [-15*] DX 9 [-10*] IQ 13 [30] HT 10 [0] Spd/MV 5/3


Advantages <293>: Ally (K-10 Postcanine “Klaus,” 100 pts, 9-) [5]; Ally: Programmed (Snakebot/NAI-6 “the Rooster,” 450 pts, 6-) [20]; Ally: Programmed (Cyberdoc/NAI-8 “Doctor Wu,” 450 pts, 15-) [120];  Ally: Programmed (Cyberdoll/Clockwork Souls Custom/NAI-6 “Peg,” 250 pts, 15-) [60]; Ally: Programmed (VII/NAI-5/GH-L Nightingale “Bhodisattva,” 20 pts, 15-) [6]; Ally Group: Programmed (Hugin drone group “Babylon Sisters,” 5 drones, 45 pts each, 9-) [6]; Contacts (various; local legal community, re-enactors, members of Project: Bootstrap, the Human Survival Project, the Archive Project) [20]; Favor (owed by the crew of the Gypsy Angel iceteroid freighter H.S. Thompson) [1]; Status 2 (1 level free from wealth) [5]; Wealth: Filthy Rich [50]


Biomods (all permanent) <21>: Artery Cleaners; Boosted Heart [9]; Carcinophages [3]; DNA Repair [4]; Immune Machines [5]; Pore Cleaners; Retinal Enhancement (to correct Bad Sight); Tooth Cleaners


Disadvantages <-105>: Age (110) [-60]; Bad Temper [-10]; Compulsive Behavior (reading) [-5]; Hard of Hearing (mitigator - listens to his VII) [-5*]; Hidebound [-5*]; Loner [-5], OPH (Smartass, -1 reaction) [-5]; Reduced Move (-1) [-5]; Sense of Duty (the Farm) [-5]


Quirks <-5>: Enjoys anachronisms (so long as they aren’t in books or movies); wants to be as self-sufficient and private as possible; won’t own an SAI, LAI or bioroid, and is even polite to his NAIs; obsessed with rights and freedom issues; always armed if possible, polite, and legal to do so.


Skills <86>: Administration-14 [4]; Agronomy (TL 7)-14 [4]; Agronomy (TL 8)-13 [2]; Agronomy (TL 9)-13 [2]; Appreciate Beauty (food & drink)-10/16 [1]; Armoury (TL 0)(aka Flint Knapping)-12 [1]; Astronomy (TL 7)-11 [1]; Astronomy (TL 9)-12 [2]; Bard-14 [4]; Black Powder Weapons (Flintlock Rifle)(TL 5)-11 [1]; Black Powder Weapons (Caplock Revolver)(TL 5)-11 [1]; Bow-8 [2]; Cooking-14 [2]; Detect Lies-14 [6]; Distilling-12 [1]; Fast-Draw (pistol, cross-draw, shoulder holster)-10 [2]; Fencing-8 [1]; Fishing-12 [½]; Guns (Pistol)(TL 5)-11 [1]; Guns (Pistol)(TL 6)-12 [2]; Guns (Pistol)(TL 7)-12 [2]; Guns (Pistol)(TL 8)-11 [1]; Guns (Pistol)(TL 9)-11 [1]; Guns: Sport (Pistol)(TL 5)-13 [4]; Guns (Rifle)(TL 5)-11 [1]; Guns (Rifle)(TL 6)-12 [2]; Guns (Rifle)(TL 7)-10 [½]; Guns (Rifle)(TL 9)-11 [1]; History-12 [2]; Holdout-11 [½]; Law (criminal)-15/21 [8]; Leatherworking-13 [1]; Memetics-10 [1]; Naturalist-12 [2]; Musical Instrument (Banjo)-10 [½]; Musical Instrument (Saxophone)-10 [½]; Research-16 [8]; Savoir-Faire-15 [0]; Savoir-Faire (Courtroom)-14 [2]; SCUBA (TL 7)-11 [½]; Survival (Woodlands)-13 [2]; Tracking-12 [1]; Writing-14 [4]


Languages <5>: English (native)-15 [2]; German-11 [½]; Japanese-11 [½]; Spanish-13 [2]


Implants: VII with input jack; Upslink; Downslink


Equipment: varies wildly.  But usually carrying something to read, some type of knife, a concealed weapon, a hip flask (rarely filled with the same thing twice in a row), and a small snack.   The knife can range from a pocketknife to a skinning knife, but Coble has no idea how to use one in a fight - knives are tools, as far as he’s concerned. The concealed weapon will usually be anachronistic to his clothing: a caplock 1851 Navy Colt when dressed in his modern suits, a 2100-vintage 4mm pistol as backup while dressed for the Old West reenactments he still enjoys.  While walking around on the farm, he will usually be carrying or within a few steps of some sort of rifle - which could be anything from a Carolina flintlock to a 15mm recoilless.  Whatever he carries is typically loaded with homing bullets; if the weapon’s RoF is higher than 1, the bullets usually have the gestalt upgrade as well.

            When he has to leave the farm - which is less and less often, these days - his conservative dark suits are made from arachnoweave armor. While in his buckskinner mode, Coble carries only period authentic gear and dismisses all of his entourage except his VII and his cyberdoll nurse.  He is much less strict when he’s Old West re-enacting, though.  His appearance will be that of a frontier judge circa 1882, but he’s likely to be carrying any number of unobtrusive modern gadgets in the pockets of his vest or frock coat.  Coble is very aware that the march of technology and his increasing age mean that if any threat on his safety is made, most of the protective work will be done by his robots; but better safe than sorry, right?


Story: Ken Coble was born in Graham, North Carolina and after a fairly uneventfuly early life he became a lawyer.  He was relatively successful in private practice as an attorney for many years, and in his late sixties he became a judge, a position he held through 2073, when he turned 98.  Although most of his legal practice and his life on the bench was fairly standard, he did earn his place as a footnote in legal history as the judge who presided over the trial of Daniel P. Jordan.  Jordan, as many might remember, was one of the first ghosted people in North Carolina; he was also the billionaire who spent almost all of his fortune creating a live-action version of the 20th century anime Urotsukidoiji: Legend of the Overfiend.  It was staged using ‘actors’ who were enslaved bioroids, necroshells of murdered people, several people involuntarily given puppeteer implants, and victims of simple kidnapping and coercion.  These subjects were then transformed with biosculpting surgery and prosthetics, then forced to go through the actions of the movie.  Jordan’s arrest and trial created a media circus; nobody was surprised when the jury handed down a guilty verdict and Jordan was sentenced to death by erasure of all extant copies.  When the penalty phase was over, Judge Coble walked out of the courthouse and called in his resignation the next day, devoting all of his time to the family farm.  Three years later, he had himself placed in nanostasis.  He has only been “up” for 9 of the last 24 years, never being under more than 5 years at a time.  Coble is waiting for the cellular rejuvenation process to get a little safer before he rolls the dice and tries it.  He is unwilling to be uploaded, since he feels that while the resultant ghost will be somebody very much like the original, there will be no continuity of consciousness.  Because of this, his advance medical directives state that he is only to be uploaded if there is no other chance to save his life.  Hopefully they’ll work out that ‘fatal brain damage’ bug in the rejuve process before it comes to all that.  In the meantime, Coble continues to expand and farm the family homestead, assisted by an entourage of NAIs, several dozen agricultural microbot swarms and a K-10 postcanine.  Judge C. loosely subscibes to several memes: colonialism, Green System, highly modified Christian Hyperevolutionism, minarchism, pan-sapient rights, pantropy, survivalism, morphological freedom and Transhumanism, among others.  Coble keeps up his re-enactment interests and does a little research on and writing about various evolving areas of the law.  He is very attached to the farm, and there isn’t much that could convince him to leave it permanently.  However, he is interested in the Human Survival Project, and is working with a proposed Gypsy Angel/Green Duncanite Oort Cloud expedition called Project: Bootstrap.  In return for some financial backing, Bootstrap has agreed to accept transmission of a copy of Coble’s mind state if he ever is uploaded (another copy would stay at the farm, making Coble a potential secret xoxer).

            Coble loves his remaining family, but is still something of a cranky old man.  Age and years of living alone (first wife amicably divorced, second wife killed in a heavy-weather strengthened hurricane) have done nothing to help his short temper and sharp tongue. Two of his children and seven of his grandchildren are still alive. They and a small mob of great-grandchildren visit the farm occasionally, but most of the time Coble is in the field with no one but his robots.  Oddly enough, though, advances in technology and his odd sense of hospitality mean that people in the area can enter the land when some of the crops are coming in, so long as they consent to limitations posted in v-tags and announced by the robots if the erstwhile visitors don‘t have augmented reality gear.  If they follow the agreement (don‘t litter, don‘t camp out more than one night, etc.), they can pick small amounts of whatever produce is in season, fish in certain of the ponds, gather chicken and moa eggs, and so on.  However, this “standing invitation” only applies to the outlying acreage that Coble has steadily been accruing.  The original homestead is vehemently off-limits to all but invited guests.  Those who push either boundary will be confronted by robots armed with nonlethal weapons who will occupy their time until the local constabulary arrives…


Campaign Ideas:  Old Man Coble is usually at his farm.  Perhaps he hires the PC’s to find out who has cross-pollinated his heirloom crops with genemod plants, ruining a whole season’s seed (he keeps his genemod crops in greenhouses to prevent this type of thing).  A slightly darker version of Judge C. will have become disillusioned enough with 2100 society that a few of his pharm goats will actually be guerilla goats whose milk can be processed into a plastic explosive.  The farm’s ‘open door’ policy will act as cover for occasional visits by a local Decivilizer cell procuring explosives, food and a secure place to camp out.  PC’s could support or oppose such actions.  Pan-sentient rights activists might attempt to disrupt his farming or hunting activities, which would lead to armed but nonlethal combat with some of his robot assistants.  His support of Project: Bootstrap could also come to light, which could encourage support from pantropic PCs or opposition from Deep Preservationists who want to keep humanity from infesting the Oort Cloud.     

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