Jürgen Hubert; 531.5 points

Age 124 (looks about 70); 6'2"; 140 lbs.; a wrinkled, bald male natural human with a short, white beard (he could easily afford cosmetic and hair rejuvenation treatments, but considers these "pointless vanity). He tends to wear clothes at least several decades out of fashion (and definietly no "living" clothes) and carries a wooden walking stick, more for effect than any true need for it.

Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 11 [10]; IQ 14 [45]; HT 11 [10];

Advantages: Ally (Expensive Sub-Sapient Wearable Infomorph with lots of extras, all the time) [30]; Ally Group (Extended family, large group of people, contains some very formidable people, 12-) [100]; Contacts (various people from all over the solar sytem from all walks of life except the blatantly criminal ones) [80]; Favours (various) [30]; Filthy Rich [50]; G-Experience [10]: Manual Dexterity 1 [3]; Reputation +2 (among believers in the Colonialism, Green System, Pantropy, and Survivalism memes, as well as Duncanists, members of the Plymouth Rock Society, and terraforming/life support experts, large group of people, 7-) [1]; Patron (Human Survival Project, powerful organization, 12+) [30]; Status 1(free from Wealth) [0].

Disadvantages: Age [-87]; Reputation -2 (among radical Preservationists, small group of people, 7-) [-1]; Secret (has helped former Exogenesis SAI to escape, would cost him his job and make him the target of lawsuits outside of the European Union) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Family) [-5].

Quirks: Distrusts any vehicles that aren't completely software-controlled; always reads some article, electronic book, etc. when he isn't busy at the moment; believer in pan-sapient rights, but keeps his opinions private; doesn't like to spend much money for himself except for travelling and medication; afraid of loosing his memories - creates back-up Shadows annually to help him retain them and keeps putting off cellular rejuvenation because of this.

Skills: Administration-15 [4]; Anthropology-12 [1]; Area Knowledge (Earth)-14 [1]; Area Knowledge (Earth Orbit)-14 [1]; Area Knowledge (European Union)-15 [2]; Area Knowledge (Luna)-13 [1/2]; Area Knowledge (Mars)-13 [1/2]; Artist-11 [1/2]; Astronomy-12 [2]; Bard-14 [2]; Biochemistry-11 [1]; Chemistry-12 [1]; Climbing-9 [1/2]; Computer Operation-15 [2]; Conspiracy Theory-11 [1]; Diplomacy-14 [4]; Ecology-12 [1]; Economics-12 [1]; First Aid-13 [1/2]; Free Fall-12 [4]; Geology-11 [1/2]; History-14 [4]; Judo-9 [1]; Karate-9 [1]; Law-12 [1]; Literature-11 [1/2]; Mathematics-15 [6]; Meteorology-12 [1/2]; Naturalist-12 [1]; Nuclear Physics-12 [2]; Occultism-12 [1/2]; Physics-16 [8]; Physiology-11 [1]; Psychology-13 [2]; Research-16 [6]; Savoir-Faire-14 [1]; Scuba-13 [1]; Speed-Reading-15 [4]; Swimming-11 [1]; Theology-11 [1/2]; Philosophy-12 [1]; Writing-16 [6].

Languages: Chinese-13 [1]; English-14 [2]; French-13 [1]; German (native)-14; Japanese-13 [1]; Spanish-13 [1]

Biomods: Auxiliary Heart [25]; Artery Cleaners [0]; Blood Cops [30]; Bone Marrow Upgrades [6]; Boosted Heart [6]; Carninophages [3]; Cell Repair [15]; DNA Repair [12]; Hyper-Lungs [8]; Liver Upgrade [10]; Lung Cleaners [5]; Metabolic Regulators [10]; Metabolic Reset [0]; Pore Cleaners [2]; Respirocytes [18]; Retinal Enhancement [2];  Tenjin Biochemistry [2]; Tooth Cleaners [0].

    Hubert was born in Erlangen, in northern Bavaria, where he also earned a degree in physics, and which is still his primary seat of residence (even though he is away from it more often than not these days). He joined a small bio-tech start-up in the early 21st century which soon expanded and was later bought by System Technologies AG when that company formed and needed additional medical expertise to help with its various space programs. This made his stock options pay off rather handsomely. He married in 2009, and had seven children over the next three decades, most of whom later founded large families of their own. In 2026, he became a founding member of the Human Survival Project (HSP), a non-profit organization dedicated to further self-sufficient space colonies and terraforming of other planet (the organisations name comes from the founders' conviction that the chance of a catastrophic collapse of human civilization on Earth, while small, is non-zero, and that space colonization is thus the only way to make sure that humanity is certain to have a future).

    In 2043, Hubert entered early retirement (possible thanks to his now quite impressive stock portfolio), but was shook out of it when his wife died in a car accident in 2056. He threw himself back into work, and thanks to a few old colleagues landed a job at Exogenesis. He enjoyed the work atmosphere there immensely, and made friends with several SAIs, bioroids, and ghost. But in 2084 he decided to have a change of place again, and left the company. He became more active in the HSP (now based in Islandia), where he became Senior Editor for "Survial Issues", the organization's house organ and the most respected magazine on life support and terraforming issues. Since the founders' intentions had been fulfilled and space colonization has become commonplace, the society now feels less need to try meddling in politics and instead reviews the myriad aspects of colonization, like terraforming, genetically engineering animals, plants (and humans) to adapt to hostile environments, recycling, and so on. The society remains on friendly terms with groups like the Plymouth Rock Society, and "Survival Issues" is widely read and respected by Survivalists, Duncanists, and others - although at least in the Senior Editor's case, this respect isn't always completely mutual (though he keeps that well hidden). It is noteworthy, however, that the HSP has broken its usually neutral political stance and condemned the Green Duncanists' attempt at terraforming Europa, claiming that "at the very least, the Europan environment should be studied for a few more decades before trying to destroy it".

    Between writing and doing research for "Survival Issues", visiting his numerous descendants (52, at the last count), and the fact that he, like all good Germans, considers extended vacations to be his God-given right, Hubert keeps himself pretty busy, and can be found almost anywhere in the Solar System. Recently, however, he has begun to question his current job.

    It all started when it became increasingly clear that System Technologies would sell off Exogenesis. One of Hubert's old friends there, an SAI named Gandalf, became worried that the new owners, whoever they might be, would consider it company instead of a being with civil rights. So he contacted Hubert and shortly before the takeover became finalized the two of them took off for the European Union. Gandalf has applied for and been given political asylum. Hubert's role in this apparently isn't know (or else he would have been targeted by Nanodynamics with lawsuits at the very least), but he worries that someone might still find it out.

He is more worried about the fate of his remaining non-human friends at Exogenesis, however. He considers becoming more active on pan-sapient rights issues, but he knows that he would step down from his position at Survival Issues if he were to do that - since the magazine is considered politically neutral, it would be a clear conflict of interest. Soon he will have to make his choice.

Use in the Campaign:

As a Patron:

    PCs who work at "Survival Issues" - a job that can have its dangers thanks to radical preservationists, disgruntled companies who didn't like the bad reviews of their products, and the political mine field of space colonization - will probably have the Human Survival Project or the magazine as a whole as a Patron, rahter than Hubert himself. But he can be expected to bring some of his not inconsiderable resources to bear, though he won't condone anything blatantly illegal unless the situation is really desperate

    Another possibility would be to play one of Hubert's many descendants. He looks out for his family, and will stop at little if one of his own is threatened. And his family has some influental individuals of its own, from a member of the Bioroiden Befreiungsfront, to a high-up in the European Green party, to top research scientists on Mars, Titan, or Deepstralia - his progeny can be found almost everywhere

    Finally, if Hubert decides to get more "proactive" on pan-sapient rights, he might hire the PCs to rescue some of his friends at Exogenesis.

As an Enemy:

    It is hard to get Hubert to hold a grudge, but harming someone in his family or one of his close friends is a good way to do it. If it is serious enough, he might even hire bounty hunters to take the PCs down - though he will insist that they are brought in alive and hauled before the nearest court that will take the case. And angering Hubert might also bring the wrath of his entire family on the poor, hapless PC…

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