The Revised New Rev. Itsgameon 3D Printer Mechanic, Ordained Minister, Gamer.

5'10" 155lbs

ST: 11 [10]
DX: 10 [0]
IQ: 12 [20]
HT: 12 [20]

ADVANTAGES: Acute taste and Smell +2 [4], Charisma [5], Clerical Investment (Universal Life Church) [5], Night Vision [10], Manual Dexterity +3 [9], Single Minded [5], Extra Life (Digital backup, -50%) [13], Unaging (IQ only -75%) [4], Bioroid Body [0], Immunity to Disease (Ony brain infections, -75%) [3],Immunit  to Poision (only psychotropic agents, -75%) [4]

DISADVANTAGES: Struggling [-10], Status [-5], Absent-Mindedness [-15], Truthfulness [-5], Amnesia (partial) [-10]

Quirks: [-5] Low Level Weirdness Magnet, Broad Minded, Imaginative, Responsive, Doesn't Like Tornadoes

SKILLS: Punning 11 [1], Lifting 13 [4], Mechanic 3D Printer 14 [6], D&D 1st 13 [2], AD&D 1st 11 [.5], AD&D 2nd 13 [2], GURPS 3rd revised 12 [1], Palladium 0 [0], Occultism 11 [.5], Singing 12 [1] Bard 15 [6], 20 GA. Shotgun (trapshooting) 12 [4], Axe/Mace (helping clear downed trees with a hatchet) 11 [4], First Aide 11 [.5], Computer Operation 13 [2], Astronomy 9 [.5], Theology 11 [2], Scrounging 12 [1], Driving (automatic) 11 [4], Driving (manual) 9 [1]

TOTAL: 150

My wife wins the Wisconsin Megabucks lottery game in September of this year. We celebrate our newfound financial security by having a huge New Years Eve party. A drunk driver unfortunately hits me, on the way to the party and die of internal injuries. Due to my love of Transhuman Space I recently made arrangements with Alcore to have my head put in cryo-freeze. I neglect to set up any sort of financial support for myself when I'm revived. My wife, being the strong woman she is, moves on with her life. My daughter never marries in favor of a career as a lawyer. My son grows to be a professor of physics, with one son. A nut that goes on a shooting rampage in Zorba's Greek Restaurant just after Christmas in 2045 tragically kills all three. My son's wife and child survive.
    I'm revived as a fragment and put into a genefixed bioroid clone of myself in 2095. A charity group that helps those that are in cryo-freeze that, for one reason or another, have no money does the process. The facility is located in Melrose, Wisconsin. Shortly after my awakening the charity is exposed as a front for illegal manufacture and sale of celebrity knock-off bioroid sex toys, run by the Maple Syndicate. This leaves me dead broke and 90 years out-of-date.
I discover to my horror that I've lost all my skill in massage therapy, and my skills as a nurse's assistant and no longer needed. With no where left to turn I slowly make my way across the country to Modesto, California, the headquarters for the Universal Life Church. The church still has me on record as being an ordained minister. They help me find my only living descendant.It turns out to be my great-grandson, James Gameon. He's living in the wilderness of Wyoming as part of a weird gay Mormon community.
    James pays my way to come live with him. I stay, but feel very uneasy about everything. Deciding I want to be a useful member of society, and the fact that James and his many husbands are driving me nuts (and vice versa) I decide to learn how to fix 3D printers. I also learn how to use a modern computer. My great-grandson pays for my education.
    In 2001, After working locally for a while I pay off the debts I feel I owe to James I set out into the world. No longer feeling the victim, I start to see my rebirth as a blessing. I want to travel the world, see space and the other planets. I then realize I have all the time in the world, I'M IMMORTAL! It is in this state of mind that I enter your games. I'll go along with any adventure that I feel I can play a helpful part in.

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