The Cryogenic Vaults

    People in the setting of Transhuman Space can get old - very old. In fact, the medical technology is advanced enough that adult people who are alive now in 2002 could conceiveably still be alive and well in 2100. This offers all kinds of fascinating possibilities for the game…

    Fifth Wave suggests a campaign where the players actually play themselves - as they could exist in the world of Transhuman Space. This “players-as-game-characters” reminded me of a venerable institution on the Delta Green Mailing List, where it is customary that new listmembers write themselves up as characters for Call of Cthulhu - both as an introduction to the List, and so that game masters who needed a few NPCs could just use these writeups

    Thus inspired, I suggested something similar for the Transhuman Space Mailing List: Listmembers should write themselves up as characters for Transhuman Space - as 100+ year-old people who survived until 2100 (though “survived” is sometimes interpreted rather loosely…). You can see some of the results on this page.

    These writeups are not supposed to be terribly “realistic” - they only represent how we might end up in another 98, not necessarily how we will end up (to take me as an example, while I hope for a long life and prosperity, I’m not betting on it, and I definietly won’t make any bets on the size of my family, either…). Some creative licence is not only allowed, but encouraged. The most important thing (at least, in my opinion) is to make these “NPCs” interesting to interact with, and something useful to any Transhuman SpaceGM. And hey - in 98 years, almost anything might happen.

    If you are a Transhuman Space Mailing List member and want to recreate yourself as an NPC, email me and I will put your writeup up as soon as possible.

Oh, and if you actually end up using any of those NPCs, by all means tell us about it...   ;-)

List of NPC writeups

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