Erik Boielle

    Erik Boielle was born on the 4th June 1978 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. He spent most of his youth in Stevenage, before going to university in Manchester. After this he became a struggling artist and poet, living in variety of secluded locations where his dark and brooding personality wouldn't be disturbed by the presence of to many people.

    In 2073, While visiting his sister (head of a large education corporation in Moscow), he was abducted by the Russian Mafia who needed a mind for a suspersoldier research program. He was destructively and an edited version of the resulting ghost impressed in to a series of experimental combat bioshells.

    Unfortunately for them the rogue scientists underestimated the Eriks stubbornness and sullen resentment of authority, and despite the editing they turned on their creators and escaped. After a multihandedly destroying the gangsters who did them wrong, the Eriks separated to pursue other projects.

    Erik1 founded the Nihilist Alliance, a group of nihilist extremists who commit acts of extreme violence to prove to the rest of the population that the universe is cold and uncaring.

    Erik2 was killed while operating as a mercenary in Angola

    Eriks 3 lives happily as part of a group family near Bangor in Wales

    Erik4 gave in to his want to be alone and now inhabits a self contained habitat in a wide, highly eccentric orbit around the sun. The habitat is heavily armed and has poor lighting, so he can sit in his darkened habitat and gibber a blast anyone who comes to near.

    Erik5 is a space pirate operating under the name Black Erik. He and the crew of the `Right Bastard', an Ex-NSA LSDV, are currently waging an effective but bloody piracy campaign across the solar system.

    The Solnushka bioroid looks like a 6'4 ideal human male in their mid thirties (Russian sensibilities)

    Clothing varies by Erik, but Black Erik is usually encountered wearing a battlesuit with a custom faceplate of fearsome appearance.

ST - 19
DEX - 15
IO - 12
HT – 18


Toughness 5
Combat Reflexes
Night Vision
Appearance – Very Attractive
Very Fit
Bioroid Body


Sullen resentment of authority
Addiction to caffeine
Secret - Xoxed Illegal Bioroid

Erik 3 adds stark raving mad

Needs mug of coco before sleep
Fond of cats


Guns – 19
Martial Arts – 19
Stealth – 19
Camouflage – 19
Tactics - 19

Erik 3 has household operation skills at 17
Black Erik adds ship operation skills at 21, leadership at 20 and Intimidation at 20

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