David Skogsberg (cd skogsberg); 225 points

Age 123 (looks around 70); 6'5"; 170 lbs.; tall, straight-backed base-line human male, bald and bare-faced (having decades ago come to the conclusion that beards and mustaches Don't Look Good on him). Usually wears basic black clothes, and always has a pair of wire-frame glasses on (needlessly, since his myopia was cured via retinal implants almost 75 years ago).

Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 15 [60]; HT 10 [0];

Advantages: Ally (LAI in his VII, Programmable, 120 pts, 15-) [30]; Composed [5]; Filthy Rich [50]; G-Experience [10]; Independent Income [5]; Patron (The OUTLOOK Group, Small Org, 12-) [20]; Reputation +2 (among believers in Colonialist and Survivalist memes, Duncanists, and members of the Plymouth Rock Society, large group of people, 10-) [5]; Status 1 (free from Wealth) [0];

Disadvantages: Age [-99]; Skinny [-5];

Quirks: Broad-Minded; Careful; Quirk-level Absent-Mindedness; Still wears glasses even though his vision was corrected decades ago;

Skills: Administration-15 [2]; Anthropology-15 [4]; Architecture (Microgravity)/TL9-14 [1]; Area Knowledge (Earth)-15 [1]; Area Knowledge (Earth Orbit)-15 [1]; Area Knowledge (European Union)-16 [2]; Area Knowledge (Luna)-15 [1]; Area Knowledge (Mars)-14 [0.5]; Artificial Intelligence/TL9-15 [2]; Astrogation/TL9-14 [1]; Astronomy/TL9-15 [4]; Bard-13 [0.5]; Chess-16 [2]; Computer Operations/TL9-17 [4]; Computer Programming/TL9-15 [4]; Cryptanalysis/TL9-14 [1]; Cryptography/TL9-14 [1]; Cryptology/TL9-15 [2]; Detect Lies-15 [4]; Diplomacy-16 [6]; Ecology/TL9-14 [2]; Economics-12 [0.5] ; Free Fall/TL9-12 [8]; Gardening (Japanese Rock Gardening)-16 [2]; History-14 [2]; Intelligence Analysis/TL9-13 [1]; Linguistics-12 [1]; Literature-14 [2]; Low-G Flight/TL9-11 [4]; Mathematics-15 [4]; Memetics/TL9-15 [8]; NBC Warfare/TL9-13 [0.5]; Nuclear Physics-12 [1]; Occultism-13 [0.5]; Physics/TL9-15 [4]; Research-18 [8]; Savoir- Faire-17 (EU Culture) [0] Savoir-Faire (Others)-15 [0]; Speed Reading-14 [1]; Strategy (Space)-16 [6]; Strategy (STL Interstellar)-18 [10]; Tea Ceremony-15 [4]; Teaching-13 [0.5]; Vacc Suit/TL9-15 [2]; Writing-14 [1];

Languages: Chinese-15 [1]; English-16 [2]; French-15 [1]; German-15 [1]; Japanese-16 [2]; Spanish-15 [1]; Swedish-18 (Native) [2];

Bio- and Nanomods: Artery Cleaners [0]; Bacteriophages [4]; Boosted Heart [6]; Carcinophages [3]; DNA Repair [4]; Microgravity Biochemistry [3]; Virus Hunters [4]

David was born in Gothenburg in Sweden, and he spent most of the first half of the 21st century there; at first as a student of computer science, then as a multidisciplinary researcher for the OUTLOOK Group, a fairly small European think tank that he joined shortly after its founding. Early investments in both Columbia Aerospace and Vosper-Babbage lead to a substantial personal fortune, but he kept his research job. In 2049 he retired (at this point his investments has more or less run themselves for a decade); he's still a Fellow in the OUTLOOK Group, and has done a number of studies on "interstellar attacks" (the idea that lies at the core of Survivalist thought) post- retirement, and has become something of an authority on STL inter- stellar strategy.

He's something of a loner in person, though he corresponds with numerous persons in all walks of life around the world and off it. Recently (in the last decade or so) he's become a sometime contributor to Survival Issues. He used to travel widely, being in essence a professional tourist, but these days he's more or less settled in Luna City, though he's considering taking a wanderjahr (or longer) again, and go out into the Kuiper, or even the Oort.

Right now, he's beginning to ponder whether to go for a destructive uploading - he fears the decay that will surely come, but is also nervous about the risks of uploading, as he doesn't want to become a mere Fragment...

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