Bill Bacon (78points)

Age 132 (looks in his 90's), 6'; 120lbs; balding, wrinkled, bitter and wheelchair bound.

ST: 7 (-20); DX: 8 (-15); IQ: 11 (10); HT: 6 (-30)

Filthy Rich (50)
Status 3 (10) one level free from Wealth.
Reputation +3 vs Classic Cinema Buffs (small group, all the time 5)
Reputation +2 vs Preservationists (large group, sometimes 2)

Reputation -3 vs Parahumans (small group, sometimes -2)
Age 132 (-126)
Lame (-35)

Biomods & Namomods:
Boosted Heart (9)
Liver Upgrade (10)
Retinal Enhancement (2)
Brain Boosters (45)
Nerve Boosters (25)

Has a scotch at 9am every morning as a heart starter; says "A word from the wise" when anyone farts; talks to holograms of his lost family; Preservationist; will not under go radical nanosurgery or other extensive neural procedures.

"Restricting your offspring's pool of potential reproductive partners is not a successful biological strategy"
"Slinkies are raw data not art"

Administration-13 (MA 6)
Area Knowledge (Australia)-12 (ME 2)
Area Knowledge (India)-12 (ME 2)
Area Knowledge (Scotland)-12 (ME 2)
Body Language-15 (MH 12)
Botany (Tropical Australian)-9 (MH 1)
Cooking-11 (ME 1)
Directing-15 (MH 12)
Driving (Car Manual Transmission TL7)-12 (PA 24)
Games (Roleplaying)-15 (ME 8)
History-12 (MH 6)
Intelligence Analysis-11 (MH 4)
Language (English)-11 (Native 0)
Language (Hindu)-10 (MA 1)
Law (Australian Personal Injury)-9 (MH 1)
Leadership-13 (MA 6)
Memetics-13 (MVH 16)
Performance-12 (MA 4)
Photography (Motion Picture)-15 (MA 10)
Politics-11 (MA 2)
Research-10 (MA 1)
Savoir-Faire-10 (ME 1/2)
Shadowing-14 (MA 8)
Typing-10 (ME 1/2)
Video Production-16 (MA 12)
Writing-10 (MA 1)

Bill spend most of his early years in the Northern Territory, Australia. A high school dropout he spent his late teens/early 20's on the hippy trail in SE Asia and India in an effort to avoid getting a real job. He found himself in the UK in 1992 where he met and married Lara in Scotland after a whirlwind romance. On returning to Australia he settled in Darwin working as a surveillance investigator for several local law firms. Three children were born over the next ten years.
    In the 2010's Bill utilising his video camera skills produced a run of short films that became popular in film festivals and web broadcasts. He was the darling of the art film set by the time his first feature film was produced in 2024 and over the next two decades his popularity only increased. His self styled "Guerilla Cinema" had a voyeuristic feel that proved to have a wide appeal. In the '30s as the public begun to lose interest is his style of film making he moved from direction into production. Founding several production houses both in Australia's Gold Coast and in Mumbai's "Bolloywood", he became incredibly wealthy.
    During his semi-retirement and in direct response to the public reaction to the Ares plague Bill returned to the Green politics he dabbled with in
his youth. His "A Plough for the God of War" (2043) and "Blood and Belonging" (2049) were amongst the most powerful and compelling Preservationist propaganda films of their time. These also proved to be Bills last great features as the slinkies of the '50s saw the art of film making side lined.
    The last half of the 21st century has been a gradual slid down hill for Bill. His assets have been consolidated in "Bolloywood" where film production is still a viable industry. Although still a very wealthy man, he is not the multimillionaire he once was. By 2100 Lara, his son Jake an officer in the ADF and his daughter Katya an artist were all dead. His youngest son Connor had become a nanosocialist academic and had undergone destructive uploading. Connor had also been copied many times multiple ghosts, fragments and shadows exist. With one version in each of Malaysia and Peru claiming citizenship.
    Bill as spent his time working as memetic engineer using visual media in the Preservationist cause. In 2063 his spinal column had degenerated to the extent that he was wheelchair bound. Brain and Nerve Boosters have been used in an attempt to repair the damage. These have only been partially successful, supplying feeling to the limbs but not returning mobility. Bill has categorically refused invasive neural surgery.
    Bill can be found working in Mumbai, India or spending down time in Australia. He spends every Christmas holidays in what had been the family home in Scotland speaking to the holograms of his dead family.

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