Transhuman Space

The setting of Transhuman Space intrigued me ever since I heard the first rumors. Finally there was a sci-fi setting that seemingly had all I was looking for. What was I looking for in a sci-fi setting? Try the following:

(Note: This does not mean I don't enjoy games with these cliches - I like Shadowrun, Fading Suns, and all the rest. But these aren't everything that SF could be...)

So what does Transhuman Space have? Here is just a very short list:

I followed the setting's development, and was involved in the playtesting for several books (for example, it was me who kept Switzerland out of the European Union in the setting...). I am credited as a playtester both in theCore Book and Spacecraft of the Solar System, and even though I didn't manage to get credit in Fifth Wave, I still managed to smuggle the names of two of my friends in it.

I also wrote a review of Transhuman Space for RPGNet, which you can read here.


I am a member of and a frequent poster to the Transhuman Space Mailing List, where I developed the idea for the following section:

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