GURPS Warhammer Conversion Notes

PC Races

Elves (40 points)

    Elves have DX +1 (10 points), IQ +2 (20 points) and –1 Hit Points (-5 points). Their advantages are Acute Vision +2 (4 points), Attractive Appearance (5 points), Combat Reflexes (15 points), Extended Life Span 2 (0 points), Night Vision (10 points), Longevity (0 points), and Musical Ability +2 (2 points). Their disadvantages are Code of Honor (to live elegant lives) (-10 points) and Sense of Duty (Nature) (-15 points). They have the racial skill bonuses +2 Bard (2 points), +1 Dancing (1 point), and +2 Savoir-Faire (1 point).

Dwarfs (30 points)

    Dwarfs have HT +2 (20 points). Their advantages are DR 1 (3 points), Extended Lifespan 1 (0 points), Extra Encumbrance (5), Longevity (0 points), Night Vision (10 points), and Strong Will +3 (12 points). Their disadvantages are Greed (-15 points), Miserliness (-10 points), Reduced Move –1 (-5 points), and Stubbornness (-5 points). Dwarfs have the racially learned skills Axe/Mace at DX+1 (4 points) and Engineering (Mining) at IQ-1 (2 points), and an overall +2 bonus to all Craft Skills (12 points). They have a –2 with all missile weapons, and suffer under special restrictions as mages, but there is no point value for this. Their racial Quirks are Suspicious of Elves, Intolerant of Goblinoids, and Never Shave Beards (-1 point each).

Dwarfs can take the Trollslayer’s Vows as part of their racial disadvantages.

Halflings (0 points)

    Halflings have ST –2 (-15 points), DX +1 (10 points) and HT –1 (10 points). Their advantages are Charisma +1 (5 points), Silence x1 (5 points), and Strong Will +4 (against magical effects only) (8 points). Their disadvantages are Gluttony (-5 points), Reduced Move –1 (-5 points), and Weak Will –1 (-8 points). Halflings have the racially learned skills Cooking at IQ +2 (4 points) and Stealth at DX +1 (4 points), and a racial skill bonus of +2 to Sling (4 points) and +2 to Throwing (4 points). They have the racial quirk of Dislike Travelling by Water (-1 point).

    Designer's Notes: You might have noticed that these racial templates list advantages such as "Longevity" and "Extra Life Span" as costing 0 points. This is intentional. It is my humble opinion that if a disadvantage that doesn't penalize the character in any way shouldn't be worth any points, then the reverse should also be true for advantages. In my more than ten years of RPG experience, I have never had a campaign that lasted more than two years of game time. In other words, characters simply didn't get old enough to make aging rolls while the campaign lasted. Thus, I have decided to make all such advantages 0-point features in my campaign, since it would otherwise make elves and dwarfs more expensive than neccessary. If you want to use the "default cost" for these advantages, raise the cost of elves by 15 points, and the cost of dwarfs by 10 points.


Extra Fatigue

It is reccomended that spellcasters should be allowed to purchase Extra Fatigue beyond the normal limit of 3 or 4 levels suggested in CI24. If the GM wants to impose a maximum, 10 times the character's level of Magical Aptitude should be appropriate.

Literacy and Semi-Literacy

    Illiteracy is the norm in the world of Warhammer. Thus, Semi-Literacy is worth 5 points, and Literacy is worth 10 points.

Magical Aptitude
    The talent for magic is inborn. Thus, if a character doesn't have a level of Magical Aptitude at character creation, he cannot purchase it later on. The exception to this are elves, who are all able to learn magic. However, if a character does have Magical Aptitude at some level, he can purchase a higher level later on - up to the normal maximum of three. The GM might decide to allow certain High Elves and Skaven to purchase a fourth level of Magical Aptitude, but these should best remain non-player characters.


Slayer’s Vows –25 points

    This disadvantage can only be taken by dwarfs, but does not count against their 40 point limit on personal disadvantages when taken by them. A dwarf with these vows will always seek out the most dangerous opponent he can find, and attack it until one of them is dead, wearing neither armor or a shield for protection. Trollslayers and other Slayers can buy additional levels of Damage Resistance (3 points/level), up to the following limits:

Trollslayer: DR 2
Giantslayer: DR 4
Dragonlayer: DR 6
Demonslayer: DR 8

    It is recommended that PC Slayers in a normal campaign of 100 character points and less start as Trollslayers.


Language Skills

    These languages are spoken by the various peoples of the Old World:
    Dark Tongue (Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos), Elthárin (Elves), Goblin Tongue (Goblinoids), Grumbarth (Ogres), Khazalid (Dwarfs), Malla-room-ba-lárin (Treemen), Ogvar (Trolls), Old Worlder (Humans, Halflings), Queekish (Skaven), Ssissyl’k (Lizardmen, Troglodytes).
    Malla-room-ba-lárin and Ssissyl’k are Mental/Hard Languages. Ogvar is a Mental/Easy language. All other languages are Mental/Average.
The following secret languages are known by some people in the Old World:
    Battle Tongue, Classical Old Worlder, Rangers’ Tongue, Thieves Tongue. All are Mental/Easy.
The following arcane languages are known by some people in the Old World:
    Arcane Dwarf, Arcane Elf, Demonic, Druidic, Magick, Old Slann.
    The arcane language of Magick is part of the Thaumatology skill, and does not need to be learned seperately. The arcane language of Demonic is part of the Demonology skill, and does not need to be learned seperately. Druidic is a Mental/Average language. Arcane Dwarf and Arcane Elf are Mental/Hard languages. Old Slann is a Mental/Very Hard language.

Money and Wealth

    Starting Wealth for GURPS Warhammer is 160 gp. Multiply the cost of any GURPS equipment by 0.16 (or divide it by 6, if that results in a whole number) to get the cost in gold pieces.

Magic and Spells

Spellcasters and armor

    Spellcasters who wear armor add their highest non-magical PD armor bonuses to the casting costs of all their spells.

Example: A wizard wears chain mail with PD 3 and DR 4. He adds 3 to the energy cost of all his spells.

Additionally, spellcasters may not use the Recover Strength spell to regain fatigue faster than normal while wearing armor.

Dwarfen and Halfling mages

    Dwarfen and Halfling mages (non-divine spellcasters) add one point to the energy cost of all their spells. Halfling mages also substract two from their effective skill levels with any spell. Dwarven mages do the same with all spells except for enhancement spells.

Divine Magic

    Divine spellcasters require the Power Investiture advantage to cast spells. The Clerical Investment advantage is very common, but not required.

Sample Faiths

    Prerequisites for individual spells, if any, are in brackets. PI stands for Power Investiture – e.g. PI2 stands for Power Investiture 2.

Mannan, God of the Seas

Power Investiture: Up to three levels.

Air: Clouds (Create Water), Rain (Clouds), Lightning (PI3)
Animal: Beast Soother (aquatic animals only), Shapeshifting (aquatic animals only, PI3)
Healing: Awaken, Minor Healing, Major Healing (Minor Healing), Cure Disease (Major Healing), Neutralize Poison (Cure Disease)
Knowledge: Pathfinder
Meta: Bless (PI2), Remove Curse (Bless)
Movement: Swim
Protection and Warning: Sense Danger (PI2), Weather Dome (Umbrella)
Water: Purify Water, Create Water (Purify Water), Breathe Water (PI2), Walk on Water (Swim), Fog (Create Water), Water Vision, Umbrella

Morr, God of Death

Power Investiture: Up to three levels.

Body Contol: Exorcism
Earth: Entombment (PI3)
Enchantment: Golem (Animation, PI3)
Healing: Minor Healing
Knowledge: Aura
Meta: Bless (PI2), Curse (PI2)
Mind Control: Fear, Panic (Fear), Terror (Panic), Avoid (Fear)
Necromancy: Death Vision, Sense Spirit (Death Vision), Summon Spirit (Sense Spirit, PI2), Zombie (Summon Spirit, Turn Zombie, Animation (Summon Spirit), Skull Spirit (Zombie), Steal Strength (Minor Healing), Age (Steal Strength), Banish (PI2)

Myrmidia, Goddess of War

Power Investiture: Up to three levels.

Body Control: Dexterity, Might (Lend Strength), Vigor (Lend Health), Resist Pain
Communication and Empathy: Sense Foes
Fire: Fireball (PI2), Explosive Fireball (Fireball, PI3)
Food: Monk’s Banquet (Resist Pain)
Healing: Lend Strength, Lend Health (Lend Strength), Minor Healing (Lend Health), Major Healing (Minor Healing)
Knowledge: Tell Time, Alarm (Tell Time), Find Direction, Pathfinder (PI2, Find Direction)
Light and Darkness: Hawk Vision (PI3)
Mind Control: Bravery
Protection and Warning: Shield, Armor, Sense Danger (Sense Foes), Watchdog (Sense Danger), Missile Shield (Shield), Reverse Missiles (Missile Shield)
Sound: Great Voice (PI2)

Ranald, God of Thieves and Tricksters

Power Investiture: Up to three levels.

Body Control: Itch, Clumsiness (Itch), Dexterity, Climbing, Hinder (Clumsiness), Rooted Feet (Hinder)
Communication and Empathy: Persuasion
Healing: Minor Healing, Neutralize Poison (Minor Healing, PI2)
Illusion: Simple Illusion, Complex Illusion (Sound, Simple Illusion), Perfect Illusion (PI2, Complex Illusion), Illusion Shell (Simple Illusion), Illusion Disguise (Simple Illusion), Know Illusion (Simple Illusion)
Knowledge: Find Direction, Detect Magic, Seeker (Find Direction), Trace (Seeker), Glass Wall (PI3)
Light and Darkness: Darkness, Shape Darkness (Darkness), Blur (Darkness), Hide (Blur), Invisibility (Hide), Infravision (PI2, Night Vision), Night Vision, Dark Vision (PI3, Night Vision), Hawk Vision (Night Vision)
Meta: Magic Resistance (PI3)
Mind Control: Foolishness, Forgetfulness (Foolishness), Daze (Foolishness), False Memories (Forgetfulness, Daze)
Movement: Glue, Slow Fall, Wallwalker (Slow Fall), Locksmith, Lockmaster (PI2, Locksmith), Manipulate (Locksmith), Undo (Locksmith)
Sound: Sound, Voices (Sound), Silence (Sound), Wall of Silence (Silence), Hush (Silence), Mage Stealth (PI2, Hush), Far-Hearing (PI3, Sound)

Shallya, Goddess of Healing and Mercy

Power Investiture: Up to three levels.

Air: Purify Air
Animal: Beast-Soother
Communication and Empathy: Sense Life, Sense Emotion (Sense Life)
Fire: Resist Cold
Food: Test Food, Preserve Food (Sterilize, Test Food), Purify Food (Preserve Food), Create Food (Purify Food)
Healing: Lend Strength, Lend Health (Lend Strength), Recover Strength (Lend Strength), Awaken (Lend Health), Share Strength (Lend Strength), Minor Healing (Lend Health), Major Healing (Minor Healing), Sterilize (Minor Healing), Suspended Animation (PI2, Sleep), Cure Disease (Sterilize and Major Healing), Neutralize Poison (Cure Disease), Restoration (PI2, Major Healing), Instant Restoration (PI3, Restoration), Regeneration (PI3, Restoration), Instant Regeneration (Regeneration)
Knowledge: Aura
Light: Light, Continual Light (Light)
Making and Breaking: Clean (Purify Air)
Mind Control: Sleep (PI2), Mass Sleep (Sleep), Peaceful Sleep (Sleep)
Protection and Warning: Shield, Missile Shield (Shield)
Water: Purify Water, Create Water (Purify Water), Essential Water (PI2, Create Water)

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